Destination Destin

There are plenty of beaches in Florida But none like Destin Powered sugar sand between your toes Emerald green water that falls off the edge of the earth A real life piece of art Framed in a window Dolphins swim ever so close to the shore Surfers kneel Sunset is god       Advertisements

Poem: 5:30 a.m.

He’s inconsolable againRiding that wave which is his tongueHe knows what he wantsEven with his eyes closedEarly morning sighs of reliefConfident that I’m going to walk up those stairs Every morning to rescue him From that wood framed boxBars disguised as great craftsmanshipImpatience in the form of innocenceBrilliant

Poem: Void

I am being carried by southwest hairlines Receding into the west. Going from green to brown- Flat chested to massive voids. Dried up trails Represent ancient laugh lines. I envision a rucksack revolution started by Zen Lunatics.

Poetry: No Need for Ruby Slippers

This is a poem I wrote for a poetry class in college and the first to read aloud in an intimate environment.   Walking along cobble stoned A sea of mineral matter This yellow brick road don’t go where it used to Leading to an Emerald City full of green envy I am stone cold tripping…

Poem: The Calm Before The Storm

Nothing is more impulsive then an earthquake The buildings sway like plant life In an restless sea Then crumble like a betrayed housewife Death suddenly arises through spontaneity A domino effect The Dharma Wheel S p i n n i n g Out of control It’s feeding time for mother earth When she opens up…

Poem: Untainted from the Deep

Being encompassed by water still doesn’t quench my thirst for life You should only be so lucky to call that kind of paradise your domicile You’ve earned that right by your beauty Mabey beauty is power? Created in silence but deafening with your will to be free Mystifying due to your calm; bottled up with doting recollections…