has Launched

It’s official: has launched!!!


It’s been busy around here. Raising two young kiddos, starting a business and holding the family together is hard work but well worth it.

I’ve been doing creative freelance work for a while now but made it into an official business late last year. You know, with taxes and everything (:::cringe:::). Living in Florida and Mexico for a couple years gave me the drive and motivation to know I wanted to be a business owner. I also want show my children that they too can be entrepreneurs with creative freedom to do what they want.

What does Buzzle mean, anyway? My husband, more-than-happy-to-help 5 year old and I sat around a table one late night in Tampa, Florida and gave Buzzle a definition.

What’s the Buzz? You’re the Buzz! We want people talking about you…in a good way!

A good idea becomes a great idea when you let it out and I believe the most reliable way to predict the future is to create it. I created Buzzle Media to help those with vision create their reality in an innovative way.

Let the collaboration commence.

Visit and let’s connect!



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