Vintage Photo Charm Bracelet

I’ve always been great at creating things with my hands – it’s finding the time I find challenging.

This year for Mother’s Day I wanted to make my mom something handmade instead of the usual flowers or Harry and David I always send. She is always getting me the best gifts so I wanted to return the favor. 


I especially felt justified about making the bracelet when visiting Arizona this month and my mom presented me with a beautiful Navajo turquoise bracelet that her father had bought her when she was a teenager.

The charm bracelet took me about an hour and a half to make – not bad considering it was already a Tuesday and Mother’s Day is on a Sunday. 


I had asked my mom for photos of my grandparents earlier in the year and wanted to do something creative with them – so alas the bracelet was born! They don’t have to be vintage photos either – Mom’s like seeing pictures of their children and grandchildren. 

I went off these instructions with a few adjustments.

Things I did different:

  • Printed out the photos at a professional printing company (AlphaGraphics) for the best possible quality. (Ran me about $25)
  • Cut the pictures out with a razor before attaching them to the glass.
  • Didn’t wait overnight for the Diamond Glaze to dry – waited 2 hours. 
  • Used tiny needle nose pliers to secure the charms and frames onto the chain.

The project is relatively inexpensive if you already have some of the items such as glue, an x-acto knife, ect. 

I boxed up the gift and shipped it to Arizona.


I think she’s going to like it.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the great mothers out there!


4 thoughts on “Vintage Photo Charm Bracelet

  1. I will write my response. I was completely surprised and loved the fact that my daughter spent the time to make the bracelet for me. It is beautiful and holds a lot of memories. Kendra is a very talented and creative young lady and is very special to me.

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