Artist Spotlight: Robin Kavanagh Gallery

Feist your eyes on another gallery of works by Canadian artist, Robin Kavanagh as explained in his words. Following him on Instagram is quite a treat, as he posts at least 2-5 pieces of his unique art a day.

Previous works can viewed by clicking the following links: 1 l 2 l 3 l 4 l 5


Addiction – digital illustration (iPad)


Never considering the implications of trying to be cool I started smoking and am still

looking down from that deadly tower of addiction only now that I’ve considered it

time to get down it’s too late. The fall would be fatal, or worse.

Blind – digital illustration (iPad)


I grew up Roman Catholic never quite believing in god. Logic got in the way and by

the time I was a teenager any notion of a god was something I rejected completely.

Not needing to see something in order to know it exists is contrary, unsatisfying and

yet strangely alluring.

 Candle – digital illustration (iPad)


Death is a lit candle running out the wax of our lives. The ornate things that support

and surround us are not us but they are still here when we no longer are. Perhaps

those things we hoard are the evidence of us.

Conception – digital illustration (iPad)


The idea of existing at all has always interested me and not until the birth of my son

did it ever become as clearly defined. I remember when his smiling face was not yet

here but in my head I cannot imagine him never not being here.

Self – pencil sketch


Drawing on unusual surfaces with unusual materials is a good way of keeping

creativity feeling like you’re a child just having fun. This sketch includes smearing

lip balm on the surface and dusting over top with a thin layer of Johnson’s Baby

Powder. If it’s not in some way fun, why do anything at all? Why?

Follow Robin on Instagram here.


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