DIY Garden Markers for Children

I volunteer my time creating and upkeeping an organic community garden at my son’s school. The garden is a nice size and big enough to feed nine families. The community garden is an ongoing effort to observe the growth process, promote healthy eating habits and encourage future farmers.

Fellow Beach Park School parent, Beverly, and I assisted the preschoolers and kindergartners in planting seeds in the starter kit. The inquisitive children poked their little fingers in the soil, dropped in a seed or two (some three, or four or five!) and covered it up with dirt.

I created plant markers for each vegetable to teach the children about the veggies they would be planting and to get them excited about the garden. The markers will mark the plants after it is transplanted into the bed.

Most of the children can’t read yet so the marker had to be visual.

To make the markers:

Google each vegetable and print it out with a high quality ink jet printer. Print the name of the vegetable on a label and stick to the back of each picture. Laminated to withstand weather conditions (You can go this at a FedEx Office location). Glue a popsicle stick to the back.


The children can’t wait to watch their garden grow and I’m pretty excited about that Cherokee Purple Tomato!


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