Useful Ways To Use Rock Coral

The beaches are littered with rock coral on the beaches of Akumal. Coral is stuck in the concrete of lengthy driveways leading up to massive manors and children collect the porous rock like trophies.

Rock coral is the skeleton of the once living organism.

My home is decorated with pieces that my family and I have handpicked from the sandy shores of the Caribbean, displayed in glass jars filled to the brim with the peculiar looking rock.

But you don’t just have to admire these brainy looking fossils from the beach (or a glass jar). Here are ways to put them to good use.

The obvious soap holder. 

A place to rest your makeup brushes. Especially useful after sanitizing brushes and waiting for them to dry.

Resting your razor. Keep your razor at its sharpest by allowing to air dry on the coral after each use.

They give your space a natural feel by introducing nature indoors. The coral is crazy cool and widely detailed. The best part? They’re free!


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