Top 10 Must-Haves for Girls in Playa Del Carmen

Planning on living or visiting the Yucatan? After residing in the Yucatan for a total of 7 months I came up with top 10 must-haves (or have-nots) for Playa Del Carmen.

No makeup. Ever. Ok, maybe some lip gloss. If you even attempted to wear makeup it would slide down your face. Natural girls reign supreme in Playa.  A nice tan is the prefect foundation.

Beach waves. This takes almost no effort especially if you came from the beach. Dip in the water and let air dry. The humidity will take care of the rest. Didn’t make the beach? Make your own.

Bike. The best and cheapest way to get around Playa is on bike. It gets pricey taking a cab everywhere and biking creates beautiful legs. Don’t forget to buy a bike lock or your ride will be gone faster than you can say “Chicharrónes.”

Sunscreen. This is a no brainer. You are closer to the equator in the Yucatan so it is HOT. And hot is an understatement. Protecting yourself with sunscreen is the ultimate beauty stunt.

Hat. Head coverage is not only stylish, it actually serves a purpose. It’s all about combating the sun in an oversized beach hat or cap.

Water. Live it. Love it. Drink it.

Cutoffs. Cutoff shorts are a staple in Playa del Carmen and they never go out of style. It’s legs for days on Quinta  Avenida.

Kinder toy eggs.  My son is obsessed with Kinder eggs. Illegal in the United States, Kinder eggs are hollow chocolate eggs filled with a toy inside an orange plastic container. These containers make a great place to stash pesos, pills, whatever.

Mexican Coke. I don’t normally drink soda in the states, but when in Mexico I do as the locals do. It is made with real sugar and on a hot day there is nothing better than going into a Bodega to buy and ice-cold Coke in a glass bottle.

Gym Membership. Healthy is sexy. So is eating whatever you want.

Mexico is rustic so your look and attitude should be too.

Buena suerte y viaje seguro!


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