Chevy’s Spicy Tomato Juice

Lately, I’ve been one lucky girl with my husband cooking most meals these days. Not only is he killing it in the kitchen, his juicing skills have put our family in outré health mode.


One weekly visit to the local farmers market to fill paper bags to the brim with fruits and vegetables, we have enough fruit and veggie juice to last all week. When a cold glass of spicy tomato juice was placed in front me and I gulped it down, I was seriously impressed.

This delightful organic “V8” veggie combination is perfect with breakfast (the jalapeno really wakes me up!) or pre-workout. It’s better than V8 because it doesn’t contain salt or citric acid which is produced with the aid of GMO.


Here’s what to juice:

10 carrots

5 stalks of celery

1 whole jalapeño

3 large tomatoes

2 cloves of garlic

1 bunch of kale

1 bunch of spinach

Parsley, to taste



Don’t forget to juice stocks and all! Read about the health benefits of tomato juice.

We store juices in various glass jars, almost like potions and sit at the breakfast table and mix concoctions’.

I’m already looking forward to that watermelon smoothie at lunch.

Happy juicing!


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