Robin Kavanagh Gallery

Robin Kavanagh is a Canada based artist and graphic designer who has been painting and drawing seriously for 25 years. Click here to read Robin’s full bio and to view his artwork.

Descriptions depicted by Robin are below each piece of artwork.

 The Ocean – digital illustration (iPad)


Eroticism is a storm on an ocean turned blood red from a setting sun. Small craft warnings are best heeded. Unless of course you want to drown in it.

Bound To It – pencil sketch


I feel obligated to draw as it is the only thing that I am impassioned about. But over the years this passion has become something of a prison that holds onto me rather than the other way round.

In Grey – digital illustration (iPad)


The older I get the more I appreciate the color grey. It all started after seeing Kim Novak’s clothes in Alfred Hitchcock’s film Vertigo (1958). It’s a warm color that also invokes a feeling of mourning, loss and death. The only other color that I know that does that is purple, and I don’t appreciate purple very much.

Meditation – digital illustration (iPad)


I’ve never meditated in my life. Perhaps I should, but something tells me that the blue black cloud will still be there, maybe even larger than before.

Ghosts – digital illustration (iPad)


During a period when I use to have extreme anxiety and panic attacks I had no sense of time in space whatsoever. It was as if I was a ghost, I cast a shadow, but was not there.

Follow the artist on Instagram here.


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