Skimboarding in Mexico

After watching skimboarders on the beaches of Playa del Carmen, Mexico I knew I wanted to try my hand at skimming the Caribbean waters. I saw a flier advertising a skimboard and went to pick it up.

With a little bit of wax, sand and grit, I took to the beach. It was harder then I had anticipated, and soon I had a sand rash and bruised hip. It was all good though because this is beach life. We always get back up.


Photo/ Evan Kvam

A wood skimboard is much harder to navigate. I have my sights sent on a carbon fiber board when I return to Florida.  May the beaches in the Sunshine State treat me kinder.


Photo/Chevy Guevera

Even Hayes, aka Mavrick Chaser, had his turn on the board. The guy lives for the beach.


Photo/Kendra Yost

As I get better I hope to perform a variety of surface and air maneuvers such “wraps,” “frontsides,” “backsides,” “big spins,” “bigger spins,” and “360 Shuvs.” In the meantime, I hope my grubbing stays to a minimum.



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