Robin Kavanagh Gallery

Robin Kavanagh is a Canada based artist and graphic designer who has been painting and drawing seriously for almost 25 years. Click here to read Robin’s full biography and to view his artwork.

Descriptions depicted by Robin are below each piece of artwork.

 Hereditary Cloud – digital illustration (iPad)


Mental illness runs in my family like a line down the road. There are solid lines going on and on for miles of lives and broken lines where it skips a family member only to return in another.  The figure is on high sailing along with the beloved clouds but the head is nowhere to be seen. Always in a fog, totally unaware of the heights that they have climbed and the impending fall.

 Colleen – pencil sketch


At the time I could not have known but my babysitter growing up was even more special to me than I let on. My brother, sister and i were actually left in the care of an angel. She is always 16 years old, and always will be.

A poem for Colleen:


 She died while we slept

Now she does the sleeping

Her hugs from behind

And kissing so kind

Now all nowhere

And horribly gone

Come back

Come back

Come back Colleen

 DALI – pencil sketch


Growing up one of my earliest memories is looking at three books on a shelf that contained the most bizarre, frightening images I had ever seen. I was always staring at these pictures in a state of fascination and fear. The detail of the paintings were so real that I mistakenly took them for photographs of actual scenes in reality somewhere. In 2001 I was fortunate enough to take a trip to St. Petersburg Florida to visit the Salvador Dali Museum to finally see some of these paintings which I knew so well. It was the single greatest experience of visual intoxication I have ever had.

Blank – pencil sketch


At one time I was afraid of a blank page or canvas. The tyranny of what to do becomes like a fever and nothing seems good enough or worth doing and then nothing gets done. The easiest way to break this fever is for me to embrace the perfect empty blank space and let it live and breathe and exist as it is unchalleneged. The question is not what to do, the question is what not to do.  Very soon I realize that everything in the entire realm of reality is worth drawing and I just draw it. Whatever that is.

You can also follow the artist on Instagram here.


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