Kollaboration is King

Last weekend we traveled the seven hours to the emerald waters of Destin, Florida to spend beach time, eat and catch up with friends.

I am always creating so ordering my husband to snap pictures is a common occurrence. I’m pretty persistent so most of the time he obliges. It’s hard not to dig the white sands and open skies displaying cotton ball clouds and not feel inspired.


Photo/Cardo Rhinez

After posting the photo on Instagram the artistic mind of Robin Kavanagh picked it up and created this:

Created by Canadian Artist Robin Kavanagh

Created by Canadian Artist Robin Kavanagh

I am a huge fan of nude fine art and appreciate body conture and muscle definition.  The wall is an incredible color reminiscent of the sea and I can’t help but think he’s kneeling in a beach towel while holding up the sun. The headless body is a nice touch, yet he’s not completely headless because a full-bodied little person is perched in his neck.

Instagram inspiration where collaboration is king.



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