Coconut Oil Dots

I swear by coconut oil. Whether I’m cooking with it or lathering on my body the benefits are  definitely there.

About a month ago I started oil pulling. I know, I know. It’s trending in a major way.

I only started because I HATE the dentist (by hate I mean I’m scared) and my tooth was bothering me because I have super sensitive teeth.  Today, my tooth no longer hurts, my teeth are pearly white and my gums are gorgeous.


Photo/Kendra Yost


My daily routine consists of walking up and making a beeline to the kitchen to grab the coconut oil out of the spice cabinet, but I wanted something more convenient and  less ruffian so I decided to create coconut oil dots.  It also feeds my obsession with jars.

Here’s how to make these easy peasy dots:

Start with 2 cups coconut oil – softened.

 Whip the coconut oil to get most of the lumps out until you get the consistency of sour cream.

Place the coconut oil into a pastry bag or ziplock bag that you can snip at the corner.

On parchment paper, squeeze the desired sized dots.


Photo/Kendra Yost


Place in freezer for approximately 5 minutes.

The dots will slide off the parchment paper.

Throw into a jar with lid for storage.

Coconut dots are perfect for plopping in your coffee, swishing around in your mouth, stirring in your oatmeal and using as a body lotion after a hot shower. The possibilities are endless!

You can read more about oil pulling here.


2 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Dots

  1. This is such a great idea! I use coconut oil all the time for hair and skin treatments and find it a bit inconvenient and messy to have to scoop out the product. Thanks for the post! x

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