Destination Destin

There are plenty of beaches in Florida But none like Destin Powered sugar sand between your toes Emerald green water that falls off the edge of the earth A real life piece of art Framed in a window Dolphins swim ever so close to the shore Surfers kneel Sunset is god       Advertisements

Jeff’s Louisiana Spicey Shrimp Boil

Jeff Thompson is no stranger to seafood boils. In fact, he could probably have his own boil and seafood cookbook. Louisiana born and bred (in case you couldn’t tell from the accent), Jeff is just as passionate about his seafood as he is about his dinner guests. After attending countless shrimp and crawfish boils hosted by…

Kollaboration is King

Last weekend we traveled the seven hours to the emerald waters of Destin, Florida to spend beach time, eat and catch up with friends. I am always creating so ordering my husband to snap pictures is a common occurrence. I’m pretty persistent so most of the time he obliges. It’s hard not to dig the…

Poem: 5:30 a.m.

He’s inconsolable againRiding that wave which is his tongueHe knows what he wantsEven with his eyes closedEarly morning sighs of reliefConfident that I’m going to walk up those stairs Every morning to rescue him From that wood framed boxBars disguised as great craftsmanshipImpatience in the form of innocenceBrilliant

Coconut Oil Dots

I swear by coconut oil. Whether I’m cooking with it or lathering on my body the benefits are  definitely there. About a month ago I started oil pulling. I know, I know. It’s trending in a major way. I only started because I HATE the dentist (by hate I mean I’m scared) and my tooth was bothering me because…