DIY Crayon Valentines

The holiday that most people have a love/hate relationship with is upon us once again. That’s right, Valentine’s Day.

It’s a day of cheap gifts (or not so cheap gifts) for our loved ones and a hangover from the night before as we worked laboriously to produce valentines for our children’s class.

A heart-shaped box of subpar chocolates and a handful of destined-to-dye flowers come to mind when I think of the red-hot holiday. I married a romantic so every day is Valentine’s Day at my house, so I use the holiday to create for my child.

These sugar-free valentines are perfect for a child’s class or for a school that doesn’t allow sugar like my sons.

Materials I used:

  • Old Crayons
  • Exacto Knife
  • Heart-shaped Candy Mold
  • Red Card Stock
  • Printed Paper
  • Ribbon
  • Hole Punch
  • Glue
  • Large Hole Punch (3 ½ inches)
  • Smaller Hole Punch
  • Labels (Avery Template 5195)
  • Pen

Set the oven to 170 degrees.

Peel the paper off the old crayons.


Cut them up into smaller pieces with an exacto knife. The smaller they are the easier they will melt.

Place different colored crayon pieces into the molds.


Place the mold onto a cookie sheet and place in the oven.

The mold will crinkle a bit from the heat but this shouldn’t affect the crayon shape.  At least it didn’t for me.

Wait for the crayons to melt completely (about 10-15 minutes) and take them out to cool. Make sure you take them off the cookie sheet.

Once hardened, the crayon will pop out easily.


Punch out the printed paper with the large hole punch.

Punch out the card stock with the smaller hole punch.

red circles

Glue the smaller circle to the larger circle. Put a hole punch in each side of the smaller circle

Glue the crayon on. Let dry.

Write a message in the label and stick it on the printed paper.


Thread the ribbon through the holes and tie a bow.


I had my son sign the back of all 21 valentines. It was a perfect way for getting him to practice signing his name!


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