Artist Spotlight: Robin Kavanagh

Robin Kavanagh is a Canada based artist and graphic designer who has been painting and drawing seriously for almost 25 years.

His artwork and murals have been displayed throughout Hamilton, Ontario.

The hypercritical artist became disaffected, disorientated and discomfited resulting in the halt of exhibiting publicly entirely in 1999.



His artistic breakthrough has come in the last three years perhaps due a new studio space where Kavanagh began earnestly painting once again.

In October of 2013 the birth of his son put on the brakes for traditional painting work. As a result, Kavanagh regularly uses his iPad for creating illustrations which has become the norm for the artist.

The iPad has been instrumental moving him forward as an artist.

“Artist Francis Bacon talked of avoiding the boredom of an images conveyance which I find I can avoid beautifully using [technology],” said Kavanagh.

Kavanagh’s inspiration comes from a narrow range but expands occasionally. Artist’s that influence him include the Dutch old master Vermeer, 19th century Academic Art (anathema to creativity), Picasso, Salvador Dali, Norman Rockwell (curious attraction), Francis Bacon and the incomparable Andrew Wyeth.

Retro cartoons and advertising through the 1950s – 1970s is another muse.



Like a true artist, money comes as a bonus but Kavanagh’s sentiments are only in doing good work.

Kavanagh’s mediums include acrylic, oil and egg tempera paint.

Follow the artist on Instagram here.


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