Healthy Little People Snacks: Greek Yogurt Fruit Pops

When I was asked to perform snack duty for my sons class, I jumped at the opportunity to make healthy, creative food.

I really try hard to limit the amount of sugar my son consumes. Sugar seems to turn him into a monster of sorts and I don’t want that for me or anyone else. I thought making frozen fruit pops would be a great healthy option that is fun to eat and to look at. Visual appealing food is important to children (and me too!).

Here’s what you’ll need to make these frozen delights:

1/2 cup Greek yogurt (I used Chobani)

Honey to taste

Bananas, kiwi and/or strawberries

12 cake-pop or thick lollipop sticks, 6″ long


Warning: If you don’t use legit Greek yogurt for this recipe, it will fall flat and not stick to the fruit. Yoplait and Dannon Greek yogurt are made with fillers and additives. Chobani isn’t perfect but it is one of the better products available in the grocery store. You can read more about Greek yogurt here.

Wanna bring it to rock star status? Make your own Greek Yogurt.

In a bowl, combine yogurt and honey. Add more honey if you want it sweeter and less for tart. Place the bowl in the freezer while you prepare the fruit.

Slice fruit into large slices so that will fit on a stick but keep the strawberries whole.

Insert the stick into the fruit.

Dip the fruit into yogurt, using a spoon or butter knife to spread the yogurt over the fruit.

Sprinkle with desired topping.

Put the dipped fruit pops on a baking sheet covered with wax paper. Leave them in the freezer for a least 2 hours or until the yogurt is frozen.


You can also use toppings such as: chopped pecans, cashews, pistachios and mini chocolate chips just to name a few. There is a sever nut allergy in my sons class so using nuts were not an option.

You can also use different flavored Greek yogurt to achieve different tastes but remember the flavored yogurts have a boatload of cane sugar.

These pops are ridiculously tasty and a way better option than store-bought ice cream or popsicles.

“All my kids loved your pops mom. You are gorgeous!” – Hayes


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