Road Trip from Arizona to Florida and Everywhere In Between

Maintaining came to a halt as I became consumed with my move to the Sunshine State.  But now I’m back in hopes to shed some light on the gorgeous beaches that surround me and downtown Tampa living.

The cross-country road trip from Arizona to Florida proposed never before seen sites, old friends and new experiences. Ode to my favorite book On the Road by Jack Kerouac.

The hefty UHaul was jammed full and pulled our beloved Subaru which was also stuffed.  Pointed East toward the coast, I rode in the middle with a Persian on my lap and little leg room.  Later, six-hour stretches or longer led to sharp pains in feet.  Hayes, a travel champion, sat to my right and my partner-in-crime drove the beast.

Driving through New Mexico brought desert landscapes and endless freeways where semi’s creeped along with blinding light. Sleeping in a travel hotel made me feel grimey, adventurous and glorious. ALIVE. Always taking a second to admire the cheap soap and shampoos but never indulging.

The second day of travel brought us family, friends and photo shoots in Dallas Texas.


Me, Kyle and Kim in Dallas. Photo/Rico Cain

The kiddos had fun with the photo shoot and we go to walk Isabell and Olivia to their first day of school before left.

My sister bought Hayes a minion (Despicable Me) fart gun and off we tooted all the way to Louisiana.

We jammed through Mississippi and Alabama singing at the top of our lungs.

Baton Rouge came in the night and we crossed the Mississippi Bridge in all its lit-up glory.  Jeff’s mom had homemade Cajun shrimp casserole and grilled fish caught that week waiting for us.


At Louisiana State University with Mike the Tiger.

Andrea, Jeff’s girlfriend, lived in the Garden District of New Orleans so we headed off downtown to explore new sights and experiences. 

We ate, drank, laughed and dug the city. After browsing a Voodoo shop we grabbed a Hand Grenade drink on Bourbon Street. Hayes danced in the street for onlookers and I sang “My Girl” with a local dharma bum.

Walked to the end of Bourbon Street where it eventually became residential, dark and serenely quite. Fantastic little houses splashed with color lined the street.

The next day we explored New Orleans in the daylight.

Andrea claimed she didn’t cook but wow did she whip up a breakfast. Maple syrup bacon, over-medium eggs, cinnamon oatmeal with blueberries plopped in, buttered French toast and a big cup of orange juice to wash it all down with.

Oh yeah, and there was the Swamp tour.

The last night of out road trip was spent in Tallahassee to ensured we would make it to our final destination of Tampa in three hours.

You can view more pictures of the road trip on my Instagram here. 


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