Upcycle: Race Cars Made From Cardboard

What little boy doesn’t love race cars?

Here is an upcycled version of a roadster that your child will love to help create so he can start his own Indy 500.

Racer’s start your engines…

Toilet paper or paper towel rolls
Exacto knife
Paint (I used acrylic)
Paint brushes
Circular Punch (Not pictured)
Construction Paper
Cardboard (think cereal boxes or a 6-pack holder)

Race Car Materials. Photo/Kendra yost

If you are using paper towel rolls, cut the paper towel rolls to the size of a toilet paper roll. Paint the inside of the rolls white and the outside a solid color.

Punch out circles on the cardboard. These will be the tires.

Hole Punch. Photo/Kendra Yost

Paint the tires black. I used a wine cork and dipped it in paint for the center of the tire.

After everything is dry, cut a U-shaped cut on top of the cylinder and fold the cardboard back and glue together to make the back of the seat.

Upcycled race cars. Photo/Kendra Yost

Attach the tires to the roll with a brad.

Decorate the roadster with designs made out of construction paper and glue in place.

Decorative Flame. Photo/Kendra Yost

Drop the green flag to start the race!

Upcycled race cars. Photo/Kendra Yost


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