Watercolor Alphabet Stencil Art

Time to get artsy fartsy.

I have persistently pilfered through thrift store bins and hoarded years worth of recycled crafts for a rainy day.  In Arizona, we don’t get too many rainy days so stuff piled up.

If you are reading this, chances are you too enjoy creating with your hands and have a pile of knickknack art supplies stashed away for you or your kids.

My son is always pleading with me to sit down and watch him create something. He spotted the colorful bag of letters I found at the thrift store and stated that he wanted to create art with the alphabet.

Thrifted Alphabet Letters. Photo/Kendra Yost

This is what I came up with.


White sketch paper or watercolor paper

Construction paper letters (thrifted)



*Frames (optional)

Hold the letter in place while you or your child paint over it. I left the color choices to my son.

Photo/Kendra Yost

Make sure you don’t get the paper too wet when painting with watercolors or it will wrinkle. It is difficult trying to smooth out when mounted in the frame.

Let Dry.

Paint seeped through but I love the imperfection.

Cut to the size of the frame. I used a 5 in. X 7 in. frame by Mainstays (Made in Mexico).

Watercolor Alphabet Stencil Art. Photo/Kendra Yost

The project requires little material but packs a powerful impact especially on a bare wall.

Kiddos learn the alphabet while learning to spell their name if they don’t already.

* If you don’t want to use frames, paint the letters on cardstock, cut out and hang them on rope or string for an even more inexpensive project.


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