DIY Duct Tape Racetrack Reverie

My three-year-old does not have a shortage of Hot Wheel cars. Or an imagination.

Of course,  he has space-taking tracks made of plastic that cramp his room that he seems to have lost interest in.

I wanted to create a racetrack with no bulk that could go anywhere including travel. Hotel rooms become WAY more exciting with a racetrack your mother made.

This frugal track was made with two materials: Duct Tape and a black marker.

Photo/Kendra Yost

Duct Tape comes in a variety of colors making the racetrack process creative and the track can go over carpet, couches and tables. Practically anywhere. Use the black marker to create lines on the road and for parking spaces in parking lots.

Assisting me in the engineering process, my son’s curiosity sprang into action as I created parking lots and roundabouts.

Photo/Kendra Yost

Photo/Kendra Yost

For little money, you create hours of entertainment for little ones to explore and play with something they helped create.

Photo/Kendra Yost

Photo/Kendra Yost

All this raceway will cost you is valuable playtime.

Racers, start your engines!


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