DIY Organic Summer Coconut Scrub

Photo/Kendra Yost

Here is a DIY a la’ natural body scrub that you can literally eat, just in time for Mother’s Day.

Handmade gifts not only demonstrate thoughtfulness, they demonstrate the motivation you have to make things with your hands despite the daily grind.

Yes, buying a gift is more convenient but being able to create something with your own hands is empowering.

This Organic Summer Coconut Scrub takes four ingredients and 10 minutes to make.

Here what you will need:

Sea Salt

Raw Sugar

Virgin Coconut Oil (Dr. Bronner’s)

 Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Start with adding the salt and sugar. Stir in the coconut oil (a little goes a long way).  Add the sweet orange oil until you get the desired fragrance.

Photo/Kendra Yost

It is hard to measure when making scrubs because everyone has a different preference on the consistency.

Add more sugar or salt depending on if you prefer a salt scrub (more beneficial) or a sugar scrub (less harsh).

Coconut oil not only smells delicious, it also happens to be a brilliant moisturizer for skin and hair. The tropical topical has decent amounts of the antioxidant vitamin E, acting as a protectant.

Photo/Kendra Yost

You should feel great about putting this natural recipe on your body (or mom’s).

For Mother’s Day gifts I paired the Summer Coconut Scub with Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons.


2 thoughts on “DIY Organic Summer Coconut Scrub

  1. The scrub you provided here sounds delicious. I used to incorporate scrubs after doing massages which made the sessions the ultimate experience. Not only did you feel good but your skin reaped the benefits of the scrub. This recipe is different than any recipe I have ever made or purchased with the combination of salt & sugar. Both being the exfoliant which is the difference between those that have sensitive skin and others that can take the harshness from the salt from a sensitivity standpoint only though as both do a good job and the salt will give the new layer of exposed skin a glow that sugar will not. The fragrance combination sounds great and no scrub should be void of some vitamin E which is included in the oils you used.

    Next time you feel like experimenting Coffee is another popular ingredient in natural body scrubs. This is because the caffeine that it contains has some very special benefits for the body. Caffeine can help distribute fat cells and lower the formation of cellulite. It can also prevent or even eliminate varicose veins. Caffeine will act as a vascular restrictor. It serves to shrink blood vessels and helps prevent varicose veins. To make a natural coffee scrub, mix two cups of coffee grounds with half a cup of raw sugar or sea salt. Then add 2/3 tablespoon of your favorite massage oil. Some cocoa added will make this yummy. Apply the scrub to wet or damp skin. Be sure to apply the scrub in circular motions so that the caffeine is distributed.

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