DIY Travelers Art

DIY cardboard lantern. (Photo/Kendra Yost)

DIY cardboard lantern. (Photo/Kendra Yost)

Mexico Medium: Cardboard

Anyone that knows me knows I love art. Without it covering my walls tend to be uninspired.

Being an art lover is hard when you are also a traveler because you know you will have to finagle it back to wherever it was you came from.

So I came up with this idea for disposable art. Travelers art.

I saved paper towel and toilet paper rolls for three months in anticipation of creating something out of the tiny rolls of cardboard.

The stark, white wall in my kitchen made me realized what that something was. Afterall, a blank wall is a blank canvas.

My inspiration for the lanterns was pulled from this creative soul at the link here.

The materials used where simple and inexpensive.

Simple Materials Needed (Photo/Kendra Yost)

Simple Materials Needed (Photo/Kendra Yost)

After cutting out all the parts needed to create the lantern we lathered them in paint.

Three-year-olds make great helpers and in my family it is important to encourage the arts.

These are out lantern pieces colorfully painted.

And the finished product.

The stick I hung the lanterns from was from a park and was hung with string and attached to the wall.

Short trips and lack of money are no longer an excuse to not jazz up a blank wall. You never know if leaving behind might inspire someone else.


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