Thrifting at Segunda Vida

Downtown Playa del Carmen is not absent of boutique shops, but it is missing an abundance of thrift stores.  In America, consignment shops seem to be on nearly every corner but here in Playa I was only able to find one: Segunda Vida (Second Life).

The tiny, eclectic shop displays racks of specialty items from all over the world. I scored a Bershka  dress for $77 pesos (roughly $7 usd) along with a handful of other items for my son, the home and myself.

The recycled fashion consignment boutique has been part of the solution since its opening in May of 2010 by owner Cyndi Ader.

“In the USA consignment shops and resale outlets are located in every town and city,” writes owner Cyndi Ader, owner on the shops Facebook page.  “This is one industry that has been growing 10% annually instead of declining like most retail businesses in this tough economy. And resale has become popular for those who want to “go green” and help protect the environment.”

Ader gets creative with sales as items get discounted 25% after 30 days and 50% after 60 days.

Thrashing through the racks at a thrift store is nifty idea because lightly used clothes are way less expensive with the absence of packaging.  No packaging is better for the planet than recycling.

Other reason to shop secondhand? Like you needed another reason!

Recycled products do not use energy, create pollution or use new resources. All these factors make me feel beautiful in quirky items I’ve  thrifted throughout my life.

Recycled fashion is socially conscious fashion and resale is the ultimate in recycling. While cliché, Reduce – Reuse – Recycle is an brilliant theme to live by.

Segunda Vida is located on 10th Street between 10th & 15th avenue in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico. If you’re in the neighborhood call the shop at 984.141.3637.

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