Add Some Color To Your Life With A DIY Piñata

You don’t need a reason to take a whack at making a piñata. While time consuming, it is fairly easy to make on your own. People that see this round, colorful ball will be seriously impressed with your paper crafting skills. You might even impress yourself.


 What you’ll need:

  • Newspaper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Colored tissue paper
  • String
  • Punching balloon or bigger balloons
  • Tape
  • 2 bowls
  • Flour
  • Water
  • A pen
  • Candy (optional)


1. Blow up the balloon and tie a knot.
2. Make an ‘X’ with the tape over the top of the balloon to flatten down the balloon knot.
3. Cut a gang of two inch strips of newspaper.
4. Cover your working space with newspaper.
5. Fill one bowl with flour. Add water and stir to create a paste. Add more water or flour until you get the consistency of pancake batter.
6. Use the second bowl as a base to hold the balloon while you paper mache it.
7. Dip one paper strip into the bowl of paste and spread the mixture all over with your fingers
8. Start by making an ‘X’ with the paste-covered newspaper strips over the top of the balloon.
9. Covering the balloon pulling the strips tight. Adding the paste mix on top of the newspaper to secure it even further. Cover the entire balloon three times over to make a sturdy piñata.SONY DSC
10. Allow to dry overnight, flipping it every so it does not stick to the bowl.
11. After the piñata-to-be dries, take the point of a pen and stab small hole on the top right side of the dried piñata. Stab a second small hole on the top left side. Cut a softball-sized hole in the top part of the piñata. Don’t throw the cut out section away — you still need it.SONY DSC
12. Pull the balloon out from the inside.
13. To attach the rope or string, I cut a piece of cardboard from an egg carton and tied the ends of the string to it to reinforce the weight. This one you will have to be creative on.
14. Fill the piñata with all the goodies. If you are using the piñata for decoration opt out of putting candy inside as it will just add more weight and may melt.
15. Tape the softball-sized cut-out section back onto the piñata.
16. Finally. After all that it’s time to decorate: Cut three-inch strips of tissue paper.
17. Accordion fold the paper strips to create a square.
18. Starting 1/2 inch down, cut a half-circle shape ending the same distance you started the cut. This should leave you with petal shaped scallops.
19. Start glueing the tissue paper on the piñata by making a small spiral of glue on the top.SONY DSC
20.Tear off a few petals from the strip you made and  place four petals in a circle on the glue.Add more petals towards the top, pinching the bottom to make them stand up. Add more glue for each layer. Press down in middle to make sure they are firmly attached.
21. On the next strip of scalloped tissue paper, fold the top down 1/4 inch and add dots of glue at the base.
22. Place single tissue petals in any gaps that need to be filled.
23. Take care to work around the petals where the holes are located.SONY DSC
24. After working down a few rows of yellow, now you can switch to the next color.
25. Continue adding strips until you’re ready to change colors again until you’ve completely covered the piñata in tissue paper.
26. When you get to the very bottom cut out a circle of tissue paper and glue it to the bottom so it covers any newspaper shown.


You can also make mini piñata’s with balloons.

Find a stick. It is bashing time!

Build it to destroy it. Or it will look great for decoration.

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