National Battery Day: Revamp Your Battery Use

blogGo-Green4National Battery Day is February 18 and it is all about celebrating and becoming aware how important the simple battery is to our way of life. Battery use is evolving due to our planets condition and making small lifestyle adjustments such as switching batteries can benefit our planet tremendously. It is a simple and easy way to “go green” in your everyday life without making major changes.

Rechargeable batteries are a sensible investment that offers many, significant benefits. In the age of electronics batteries are used more than ever. We are surrounded by them in our cell phones, remotes, clocks, fire alarms and children’s toys just to name a few. Now think about the number of batteries that you and your family go through each year, and then imagine how many batteries end up in the landfill annually. Now do you see why so many people are turning to rechargeable batteries instead of continuing to use the disposable ones?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, consumers buy approximately 3 billion batteries each year. Worldwide this would almost certainly translate to 10 billion or more. We can reduce this number a minimum of 400 times (the least amount of times a reusable battery can be charged) if each person purchased rechargeable batteries. The number would go from 10 billion to 25 million a year, dramatically dropping the number of batteries consumed and relieving harmful our environment of harmful chemicals.

If you haven’t already made the switch from disposable to rechargeable batteries keep reading for reasons why you should.

Impact on the environment: The production of any battery is bad for the environment due to the harmful chemicals and costly amount of manufacturing resources and procedures. Disposable batteries contain a number of harmful metals and chemicals such as lead, acid, nickel and mercury that are harmful to Mother Earth. When sent to the landfill, these substances are released into the air, soil and water where they pollute. Due to the high demand of batteries, manufacturers designed the rechargeable batteries to help reduce the harmful effects they have on our planet. Reusing a rechargeable battery is 20% less harmful than tossing out a one-time-use one.  The negative impact on the environment is considerably less with rechargeable battery use which is one of the main purposes for using them.

Efficiency:  Rechargeable batteries drain more rapidly than the standard alkaline battery, which means you need to know to use them in the most effective way. For even higher efficiency, it is recommended that you store them in a refrigerator or freezer when they are not in use so that they don’t lose their charge as quickly. To further enhance your battery life, you may want to use a battery reconditioner while they are not in use to keep them charged and ready. They are as efficient as disposable batteries and will last as long when fully charged.

Cost: Money saved on purchasing rechargeable versus single-use will vary depending on usage and the amount of batteries needed, regardless, the savings is significant for any household. The estimate is that after a maximum of 20 charges on a rechargeable battery, you will have already broken even on the cost of the battery and charger.  The use of rechargeable batteries after that saves you money. Consider this: The majority of rechargeable batteries can be recharged a minimum of 400 times, adding up to substantial savings. For best results it is wise to invest in good quality rechargeable batteries as they are not created equal. Some cheaper battery brands do not hold a charge as long and you will not get as many recharges out of these as you will when you purchase good quality batteries.

Convenience: Reusable batteries are more convenient because you do not need to worry about them dying especially in times when you need them the most. Instead of rushing to the store to buy more in an inconvenient time, all you need to do is place them in the charger for a while and you are ready to go.

Future/Green Energy:  Investing money into green energy is investing in the future of energy. Single use batteries are a thing of the past because of their negative effects on the environment, wastefulness, price tag and inefficiency. The act of purchasing rechargeable batteries is quickly becoming viewed a progressive act.  Eventually, reusable batteries will need to be replaced but when this happens you can recycle them instead of sending them to the landfill.


Choosing reusable over disposable batteries may seem like a modest move but each person that makes the switch saves energy and reduces the damaging effects on our environment. One person can make a small impact but when you have masses of people converting to reusable batteries the difference made is enormous.

Lets give our planet a postive charge to succeed.


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