DIY Child Art Birthday Tag

Hayes ArtPhoto/Kendra Yost

Hayes Art
Photo/Kendra Yost

So (in my opinion) you don’t need to fetch fancy gifts these days.

It is totally about the thought.

My son celebrated a birthday party at school involving bags of candy, cake, a piñata and of course, gifts.

I’ve never actually met the birthday girl, Natalia, but Hayes knew her, which, is why the gesture needed to come from him.

Involving your child in the gift-giving process does not need to be difficult.

It needs to be awesome.

What You’ll Need:

White paper

Scissors (but not necessary)



Hole Punch (but not necessary)



A lack of art supplies had me using a white envelope for paper, shaped into a triangle because of no scissors.

Water ColorsPhoto/Kendra Yost

Water Colors
Photo/Kendra Yost

Hayes painted the front and back and did everything including the choice of colors.  Artistic genius?

The gift, a little drawing book and package of crayons, were tied together with string and the help of a toddler finger. I adding a seashell for effect. I’m surrounded by seashells for goodness sake. How could I not?

After the message tag dried in the window, I wrote Feliz Cumpleaños in pen, poked a hole in the corner with a twist tie and attached it to the gift.

There was one happy three-year-old carrying a gift on the way to school.

Happy 3-year-oldPhoto/Kendra Yost

Happy 3-year-old
Photo/Kendra Yost

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