Poem: Untainted from the Deep


Being encompassed by water still doesn’t quench my thirst for life

You should only be so lucky to call that kind of paradise your domicile

You’ve earned that right by your beauty

Mabey beauty is power?

Created in silence but deafening with your will to be free

Mystifying due to your calm; bottled up with doting recollections

The rough casing surrounds you pregnant with salty serenity

The irregular exterior that uniforms you conflicts with your charmingly pink core

Almost as if you gave birth to a dancing star

Laid at the bottom only to be admired

Holding aged memories of progression and recession that remain untouchable


I envy you for getting to stay and play on “heaven on earth.”

Did the lightning lick you with her tongue?

Is that how you got here?

You, the semiprecious stone of the world,

Ppossess no words but seize every moment to enlighten anyone and everyone

I love you for knowing that all great despisers are also great adorers


One thought on “Poem: Untainted from the Deep

  1. Hi Kendra. Beautiful website. I especially like the picture of the shells on the sad and the water (Untainted from the Deep). Great job. Hope all is well with you and good luck on your job.

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