Cheap and Easy DIY Pirate Costume

Arrr mateys! It’s a thrifty Halloween this year and pirates are all the rage.

Creating and hunting for your costume is truly enjoyable. It allows you to have the creative power to take your costume to the limits. All on a budget.

Photo/Kendra Yost

Items that were found at secondhand stores:

  • Pirate hat: $.50
  • Black Shoes:  $2
  • Red Scarf:  $1
  • Nautical Scarf: $1
  • White shirt: $1

I created the vest (not shown in picture) by following the tutorial here.

The neck ribbing (orange) from the shirt used to make the vest was glued on the edges of the vest for trimming and the gold fabric is ribbon. I sewed four vintage, gold buttons used by my late-grandfather when he an Officer in the air force.

Photo/Kendra Yost

I created the sword following the tutorial here:

The sword is easy-peasy to make and recyclable. I tied the nautical scarf to the sword to spice it up.

Photo/Kendra Yost

I already had the eye patch from a pirate adventure in Baltimore but you can make your own here.

The blue bandana for the head is also from Baltimore. I used an old pair of slacks and cut it at the knee for the pirate pants.

For socks, stripped would look best and color doesn’t matter so we used red.

Total spent on Halloween costume: $5.50

Happy Halloween! Now go spend the money you saved on the BIG candy bars for the kiddos.

Photo/Kendra Yost

Photo/Kendra Yost


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