Baltimore BBQ

Since living in eclectic Fell’s Point located in downtown Baltimore, every morning I step out on my front stoop to the smell of fresh cooked cinnamon bread assaulting my nostrils. At first I assumed it was the local breakfast diner across the street. And then it happened.

I spotted the perpetrator. A bread factory that takes up two full blocks.  Two full blocks, people!

H&S Bakery to be exact.

Oh you haven’t heard of it? Well let me clue you into a little piece of heaven on earth. This place was so cheap they were offering three loafs of bread for 75 cents and countless 2 for 1 deals.

I escaped the bakery with a blueberry pie, a coffee crumb cake, two loafs of cinnamon swirl bread, a bag of potato long rolls and three bags of UTZ potato chips for under $13 bucks.

UTZ Potato Chips (Photo/Kendra Yost)

This “yeast feast”  brought on the need to make a fabulous meal.

I’m a local kind of girl so I had to keep with the theme.  I skipped over to Stuggy’s for hot dogs and had a regular Baltimore backyard bar-b-que in the back yard. More about Stuggy’s: It has AMAZE. ING. Hot dogs smothered in mac & cheese with Old Bay or the “Late Night” Stuggy dog covered in bacon, fried egg and sauteed mushrooms.

Stuggy Hot Dogs

Stuggy Hot Dogs (Photo/Kendra Yost)

There were no complaints to report.


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