DIY Jerky from the Meat Shop

I found a bang’n deal at the Goodwill the other day I couldn’t pass up. There on the shelf sat a $7 dollar newish dehydrator.  I brought it home, cleaned it thoroughly and christened it with my first food: beef jerky.

Although, I mainly bought the thing to dry my garden herbs I was excited to make the chewy meat.  I can remember eating my grandmother’s homemade jerky so it tasting the beef would be nostalgic for me.

I bought bottom round meat from my local butcher at The Meat Shop located at 202 E. Buckeye Rd in downtown Phoenix.  The shop is only uses meat that comes from LOCAL farms and no hormones or antibiotics are added.  Read about the shop at

I cut the meat into thin strips across the grain of the meat. The thinner the strips are, the quicker it will dry. 1/4″ thick and 6″ long is about right.  It was easier to cut the meat partially frozen because it held form better.

I sprinkled both sides of the pieces of meat I had cut with steak seasoning I bought from the Meat Shop.  Use the spices you prefer or none at all.

I placed the pieces of meat in the dehydrator and 6 hours later it was done.  It can take 4 to 12 hours in the dehydrator and because mine has stackable trays, I rotated the trays every hour or so or the bottom pieces would dry much faster than the top.

Just like grandma used to make.


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