Creative Junk Mail

Junk mail filling your box?

These days, banks and credit card companies are on everyone’s shit list. Not only are these companies charging outrageous fees and receiving bailouts; they waste paper and trees by sending us countless pieces of junk mail.

This leads me to ask the question: Why not mail their pre-paid envelopes back to them?

“Why,” you ask?

The answer: to piss off credit card companies by wasting time and money just like they waste ours.

But don’t only mail an empty envelope back to the irritating corporation; fill it with everything sent to you including the envelope addressed to you(that you tore open).

I personally, love to decorate the paper with artwork or write down websites I want people to check out.  Or how about sending them credit card applications from other credit card companies? Be creative.

Tip: The more you stuff the pre-paid envelope, the more money the company will have to pay in postage fees.

Think about how much money companies will waste if everyone did this. That’s what I’m thinking about! Power in numbers, people.

It’s time to grow a pair and fight back.


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