Sustainable Traditions Start With You (Baby too!)

Chances are you’ve been to a baby shower at least once in your life.  And if not, you will one day.

Baby showers have evolved with the times and so should your gift giving.  It‘s no longer responsible to shop stores that sell plastic products that aren’t earth friendly or locally made.

Wrapping paper has become a luxury item that ends up ripped to pieces.  A waste.   It bothered me that much waste goes on in the name of gifts. Keeping this in mind, I started buying 5-6 boxes of biodegradable newborn diapers through and have them delivered to the new mothers front door. By doing this I eliminate wrapping paper and I am giving a product that will be absorbed back into the earth. Perhaps, the most important thing about this act is my introducing a sustainable product to a new mother that she may use for years to come.

NATURE BABYCARE - Eco-Friendly Baby Diapers

Of course, this is only one responsible gift-giving idea. Keep these gift ideas in mind before attending your next  baby shower:

  • gDiapers (biodegradable reusable diaper)
  • Soy based or organic infant clothing
  • Products made in America
  • Products not made of new (or raw) plastics rather recycled plastics
  • Biodegradable products

Don’t be bothered by NOT buying items on the registry. Think of your gift choice as paving the way for what is to come. You can even have bragging rights when you tell people you have been “responsible shopping” for years.

Mother Earth and the new mom will be grateful for the diapers. Trust me on this one.

What substainable tradition will you start?


One thought on “Sustainable Traditions Start With You (Baby too!)

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