Sunflowers grace downtown Phoenix

Are you ready and willing to bring excitement and inspiration to downtown Phoenix?

A project titled Valley of the Sunflowers is inspiring downtowners  with  a field of sunflowers on a 2-acre vacant lot in Downtown Phoenix located between Fifth and Sixths Streets and Garfield and McKinley Streets.

The sunflowers sprouting up in vacant dirt lots aren’t only beautiful, but they also serve a purpose. The bright yellow flowers covered the lot for 4 months and ended in full bloom until December when the flowers were chopped down by volunteers and yours truly.

The sunflowers were grown to be harvested by local high school science students who pressed the seeds for oil to create biodiesel fuel for their hybrid solar-biofuel vehicle project.  Nothing was wasted because even the sunflower  stalks were used to create paper given to local schools including ASU.

A second phase of the Valley of the Sunflowers begins February 11, 2012 and volunteers are needed to make the project a success. You can sign up and  get  more information here:


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